A mobile personal assistant to keep your plumbing business ticking over

Prompt turnarounds to household emergencies are a plumber’s call of duty. The daily race against time and out-of-hour calls can leave little room to fill out spreadsheets or do ‘the books.’

A reliable, mobile system to make day-to-day business run smoothly would solve many problems and quell the uneasy feeling that comes as tax return deadlines approach. Minimising time spent on admin tasks, book-keeping, and purchase orders leave more time to invest in customer service and focus on the business’s health.

We’ve developed features tailored to the craft of tradespeople who work on the move and where travel is frequent. My Cloud PA acts as a mobile pocket assistant so you can operate a ‘virtual office’ as you travel between locations.

Our online e-commerce and payment solutions allow you to make transactions in whatever form your customers prefer – bank transfer, online shop, or QR code. Similarly, you can send customers instant quotations or invoices – cutting out the time-consuming spreadsheets and ensuring prompt sales closure.