Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer
Exercise proper time management to focus your energy on clients

Optimising your time is key to packing in as many weekly one-to-one and group sessions as possible. Growing your personal training and coaching business relies upon effective communication, maximising bookings, and promoting your classes online and by word-of-mouth.

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, personal trainer, or run weekend bootcamps in your local park, the long-term prospects of your business relies upon stellar time management and converting leads to sales.

My Cloud PA features were created with self-employed personal trainers and sports coaches in mind. Our all-in-one mobile app has the ability to kick-start your small business to the next level. The functionalities cut out existing inefficiencies in your business process, such as paper invoices and time spent populating spreadsheets. Combining communication, marketing, and finance capabilities, it is the perfect app to run your business from your mobile device, anywhere.